Our performance: Power of Passion


Fr 21 Jun
Het Wilde Westen
7:30 PM
Su 30 Jun
Den Haag
3:00 PM

Our performance: Power of Passion

An inspiring performance by the dance group "Les Genies de Babi" (Ivory Coast) and Eva Aya Dance (Netherlands). Where you will be stimulated by the cheerful live music of Kienou Seydou (Burkina Faso) and the enthusiasm of the dancers. Never before has a complete Coupé Décalé (Ivorian dance style) dance performance been shown in the Netherlands, showcasing the history and culture of this dance style. A true story that focuses on the power of connecting.
The story about a dancer from the Netherlands, who travels to Ivory Coast to learn about the culture and dance styles of this country. Here she discovers the power of the slums, where happiness for the little things can be felt every day. Where Ivorians celebrate life through dance. It is a different world and yet so recognizable. Soon she feels the positive energy and becomes motivated to make this dance style her own. Full of perseverance, the dancers connect and share their passion together: Power of Passion. A performance that speaks through the spectacular, energetic, powerful and joyful dance. Lots of humor, joy and above all a high level of dance with many acrobatic tricks. A performance accessible to all in which dance will speak. This dance performance is for young and old. Experience the true story of the "Power of Passion.
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We offer cultural education within primary and secondary schools. We also offer an in-depth dance workshop, with possible performance, for training and companies.

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