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The performance is presented by Eva Scherpenisse in collaboration with four dancers from the Ivory Coast dance group Les Genies de Babi. This dance group consists of Stephane Jean-Luc Tehe, Media Thie Bakayoko, Yves Bohui Clement Yoro and Serge Pacome. The performance will be accompanied by our live percussionist Kienou Seydou (Burkina Faso). Les Genies de Babi is an Ivorian dance group founded in the Ivory Coast in 2017. The group consists of a total of 15 boys. The dancers have been professional dancers since 2013. Their name derives from the town they come from. They themselves live in the Abobo slum where Nouchi (street language) is spoken. In this street language, the city of Abidjan is called "Babi. Since this dance group has won several awards as the best dancers in Ivory Coast and participated in several TV programs in Africa, such as African got talent and won them, they call themselves 'The Geniuses of Abidjan'. Their name also comes from their pride for their Abidjan.
Les Genies De Babi

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